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Impressions S01xE03

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It's Spoiler! Continue reading only after watching episode 3 of season 1.


           I love how the beginning of each episode looks like a trailer! The voice and the way the announcer speaks, the choice of images... But I felt betrayed when I discovered Prince Charming isn't Charming. What do you mean, James? Hey...

           One more episode to leave us with questions. I see where it's going, more and more like LOST.

           As I see it, Emma still doesn't believe Henry. Even though, she convinced Mary read to, then John Doe, David Nolan. Best scene: he grabbed Mary's hand. It may look very simple, but for some reason it's surprising and moving. We keep rooting it means he remembers something. Please, he woke up from a coma and walked towards an abandoned bridge in the middle of the forest! He must remember something.... or else, love transcended the universes. Oh, so cute!
          Worst scene: is it for real? That woman had to appear claiming to be his wife? Not just a fiancée.... This Evil Queen, party-pooper! Definition of evil:  doing everything Regina does, and still manage to be the better person - making the other believe he/she is being rude.

            I start leaning towards believing Regina remembers it all, but I still can't be completely sure, know what I mean? By the way, what's up with that every time something happens in the city, people call her? It's beginning to annoy. People, get off the phone! Ok, she was his emergency contact. Still....

            Just details: it's curious the sheriff said "this is my world" when he was in the forest. Maybe he said it figuratively.... But I'm still intrigued by his choice of words. Would he be the huntsman who let Snow White live? I'm keeping up with this character.The fact that Dr. Whale stared at Little Red Riding Hood, at the moment I just saw the obvious; but then I wondered: does it mean he is the wolf? Or Moby Dick? hahahahahhaha   Something to think about.

            Reinforcing the Love or Hate feelings, Horowitz and Ktisis' Snow White shows how daring they are. She isn't exactly how we knew her. What makes sense: the Queen banished her and she had to wander the forest, we can imagine it was needed to fight for herself. I like this one much better! It may lose a little of the Enchanted Fairytale World and damsel in distress feelings, but I prefer this more realistic version than the too-fairytale one.
             And how did Snow White ruin Evil Queen's life? I just remember that her father (Evil Queen's husband) died right after he married. And she was jealous because her stepdaughter was prettier than her.  

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