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Impressions S01xE01

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It's Spoiler! Continue reading only after watching episode 1 of season 1.

     The Pilot works as a teaser, as it begins a realistic story about fairytales. After all, who is who? Soon enough, i was wondering who the characters represented, but they don't give it away at the beginning... of course.

     We meet old acquaintances of ours. Snow White finally has her happy ending; but of course, there's always some dog-in-the-manger doing everything to ruin it. Sheer evil.... Evil Queen. Who that bitch? Does she never give up? Well, that's exactly what makes the whole adventure begin.

     Rumpelstiltskin seems to be a very important one in this plot. Who knew... Be sure his name will apear a lot. Here's a tip, I just read Rumpel, an affectionate nickname (oh my, such a difficult name).

      Emma - the lonely orphan - will be our heroine, but first of all she has to believe in the whole fantasy. As always, the hero is the one who doesn't know anything about anything and thinks everything is nonsense. She seems to be a sly one, very clever making a date with the man who owes her money. You go, girl!

       A very funny part.... there's even the SnowWhite's grandson, who is the Evil Queen's son. Humm.... The most confusing is that he is the only one who knows about the curse. Ok, but the boy travels the USA with a credit card to find Emma by himself. He is 10, for God's sake! No one called the police?

        I wonder: why is Rumpelstiltskin so influent in Storybrooke? How does the boy know so much about the curse? Does Regina remember her Evil Queen past? Who is that wolf? He seemed important to me.... Is that the sheriff? Why isn't Pinnochio in Storybrooke?

        I swear I believed Charming had died. One of the fewest times I was surprised about death-life-turnaround in a movie or series.

         We cannot forget to mention the wardrobe that teleports who is inside.... very useful! Oh, sure.... there are also Granny and Little Red Riding Hood (not so little) making a small appearance, and Gepetto, and Maleficent.... Besides the Sheriff, who they didn't reveal the identity....

         Loved seeing Jiminy Cricket! Even Magic Mirror gains a body!

         But the episode leaves us so many questions.... you don't understand much. That's why you have to watch the second one.... to understand the first one better!

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